Security Staff X-Ray Mummified Corpse Prop At Atlanta Airport

"Sorry sir, I'll just need to pop the mummified corpse through the X-ray machine.. Any liquids over 100ml?"

We often see a lot of weird stuff at the airport, from people treating it as their own personal hotel room to anxious flyers having a few too many at the bar - but this is, hands down, the oddest thing we've ever seen at an airport.

How creeped out would you be if you saw that going through security while you were taking off your belt and shoes?

What looks like a mummified corpse is actually a prop from 'Texas Chainsaw Massacre', presumably being transported by an enthusiastic fan or a collector - but the Transportation Security Administration still had to treat it like any other piece of luggage.

Amused by the strange occurrence, the TSA staff decided to snap a few pictures and share them on Instagram.