WATCH: What Does 200 Calories Look Like? (VIDEO)

When we published an article that revealed what 2,000 calories looked like, we were pretty shocked by the Big Mac to carrot ratio. Off the back of that, a new video from AsapSCIENCE highlights just how far 200 calories goes.

It's a good insight into the science of what calories are, and other factoids such as how much 200 calories of cheese looks like compared to apples. And if you've heard some of it before, there are a fair few mind-bending facts, especially when it talks about calories as energy. Apparently, the energy of 217 Big Macs could power your car for 35 kilometres. Yes - bet you're going to Happy Meal it next time.

Last month, the World Cancer Research Fund launched a 100-calorie healthy eating scheme off the back of findings that overeating by just 100 calories a day could lead to an increase in cancer.

On the plus side, 200 calories works out to about three eggs which can be very filling. (Although that does mean you've just eaten three eggs).