Michael Jackson's Children, Prince, Paris, Blanket, To Stay Under Guardianship Of Katherine Jackson, TJ Jackson

A judge has said he will make no changes to the guardianship of Michael Jackson's three children after receiving a report on their well-being and meeting lawyers for their guardians.

Superior Court Judge Mitchell Beckloff ordered the inquiry after 15-year-old Paris Jackson was taken to hospital on June 5. Authorities reported she took Motrin pills and cut her arm with a kitchen knife.

Michael Jackson's children Prince, Blanket and Paris

The judge ordered an investigator to interview Jackson's children and report back to him.

Judge Beckloff also met lawyers for the children's guardians, grandmother Katherine Jackson and their adult cousin TJ Jackson. "I'm taking no further action," the judge told lawyers for Jackson' estate.

The decision was announced during a hearing at which Howard Weitzman, a lawyer for the estate, raised the issue of potential harm to the singer's daughter that might come with unsealing "salacious details" of a choreographer's recent molestation allegations against the pop superstar.

Judge Beckloff told lawyers he will consider which portions of Wade Robson's complaint to unseal and inform them of his decision. Mr Robson claims the acts occurred when he was a child.

Another hearing will be held to determine if Mr Robson can pursue that allegation.

Perry Sanders, a lawyer for Katherine Jackson, has said Paris Jackson is physically fine and receiving proper medical attention.

"In light of all current circumstances and the special investigator's report, we agreed with the judge that appropriate decisions are being made regarding care of all three children, and no further action is required," Mr Sanders said.

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