GLASTONBURY: The Proclaimers Debut New Single 'Not Cynical' Ahead Of Festival Set


Perennial festival favourite The Proclaimers will be making their way down to the Tor to perform at this year's Glastonbury Festival, and they're crossing their fingers for fine weather.

Charlie Reid (or is it Craig? No, I'm sure he said Charlie) tells HuffPostUK, "It's all right for the band, we're the one group of people being protected because they don't want us to electrocute ourselves, it's the punters I feel for. Some of them have been out there in the mud for hours."

The Proclaimers will be heading to Glastonbury for a Saturday set

Charlie and his brother are veterans of the mud, having played at Glastonbury in 2005, when the rains fell in Biblical fashion. His favourite festival memory is of another year, 1987, when they made their festival debut - "We were the first act on the Sunday at about noon, people were just getting up, clearing their tents away, but we just kept singing."

WATCH: Proclaimers' brand new song 'Not Cynical' above

And he speaks fondly of their 1989 visit, fresh from the success of their 'Sunshine on Leith' album, when they boomed out '500 Miles' to a packed field - "nothing like it."

The twins will be taking to the Acoustic Stage on Saturday evening, when they'll be performing all their staple favourites - "we're only known for three or four songs, so it's easy," says Charlie modestly.

This means they'll get the chance to savour some of the other acts too, with Elvis Costello and Stevie Winwood among their top picks. But they're in the middle of a massive tour themselves, which means they won't get to see the Stones on Sunday.

Also on the slate for the Edinburgh favourites is the film version of their hit musical 'Sunshine on Leith', telling hte story of two soldiers returning home from Afghanistan. Are there parts for the music-makers on screen?

"It's blink and you'll miss it territory," explains Charlie. "There's one shot of us coming out of a pub in Leith with two other actors. So we get our Alfred Hitchcock moment."

'The Very Best of the Proclaimers: 1987 - 2012' is out on 1 July. Tour info here:

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