Yaritza Oliva, Chilean Woman Cries Tears Of Blood (VIDEO)

Chilean Woman Cries Tears Of Blood (VIDEO)

A 20-year-old Chilean woman has told of the "indescribable" pain she has experienced since she began weeping tears of blood.

Doctors initially thought Yaritza Oliva was suffering from an extreme case of conjunctivitis or other infection when the phenomenon began earlier this month, 24 Horas reports.

She was prescribed eye drops to ease the pain, which she says is "indescribable."

Yaritza Oliva began weeping tears of blood earlier this month

She told the channel: "Nobody knows what to give me, do not know what I have. Do not know why me."

Oliva's unemployed father has appealed for help in treating his daughter's condition, telling Telefenoticias: "Please put your hands over your hearts, see our situation and help my daughter."

The young woman has not yet been officially diagnosed, though it is likley she could be suffering from haemolacria, a rare condition characterised by bleeding from the eyes.

In 2009 a teenager in Tennessee was rushed to the emergency room when he began weeping tears of blood.

Calvino Inman appeared to bleed from his eyes up to three times a day in a case which baffled doctors, CNN reports.

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