Catherine Kieu Given Life For Cutting Off Husband's Penis And Throwing in Waste Disposal


A woman has been sentenced to life in prison for cutting off her ex-husband's penis and throwing it in the waste disposal.

Catherine Kieu, from California, attacked her husband in July 2011, drugging him with sleeping pills and tying him to the bed before attacking him with a knife.

Defence lawyers for the 50-year-old woman said she was suffering from mental health issues after being abused as a child and by her husband. She reportedly told police officers her ex-husband "deserved it" and may seek parole in seven years.

In the UK, mother-of-four Maria Topp was handed a 12-month sentence in November, suspended for 18 months, plus a restraining order after biting off her partner's testicles.

Martin Douglas required emergency surgery and 19 stitches to re-attach his scrotum after the drunken assault by then-girlfriend Maria Topp.

Happier times: Topp and her former boyfriend Martin Douglas

However, after a “chance” encounter in Newcastle in March this year, the pair got back together again.

The pair had a “friendly chat” after bumping into each other in Yates’ wine bar in the city centre.

The pair resumed their love affair, but it had fizzled out once more in June, at which point Douglas reported Topp's breach of her restraining order.

Topp, of Washington, Tyne and Wear, was fined £150 and ordered to pay £15 a week surcharge from her £40.50 a week Jobseeker's Allowance.