01/07/2013 12:47 BST | Updated 03/07/2013 10:38 BST

Latymer Upper School, Hugh Grant's Former Haunt, Launches 32 Bit Recordings Music Record Label

Hugh Grant's old school has launched a record label
Hugh Grant's old school has launched a record label

With the charts full of privately educated musicians, such as Chris Martin, Jessie Ware and Marcus Mumford, it comes as little surprise that a private school in affluent West London has launched its own record label.

Latymer Upper School, which has a famous and illustrious alumnus including rapper Jay Sean and actors Hugh Grant and Alan Rickman hopes its label 32 Bit Recordings will be a conveyor belt of musical stars and talent.

Headmaster David Goodhew told The Daily Telegraph's Mandrake: "The school has a tradition of strong performances in music. There are a number very talented student musicians here….so I'm very excited to hear what all of our students can come up with."

The first song to be released is called A Messy Mind by sixth-form pupil Maddie Mortimer. The school, with annual fees of £15,705 is trying to encourage former pupils to spend 59p downloading the song from the internet.

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