Record label

Many harbour the view that rock music was “better in the old days” but this is a misconception
This week in an uber trendy west London pub, Clarke - actor, screenwriter, director, and hero to thousands of young film makers- also added Record Label Head to his resume.
With the charts full of privately educated musicians, such as Chris Martin, Jessie Ware and Marcus Mumford, it comes as little
Take That star Gary Barlow has decided to close his music label Future Records so he can spend more time with his family
In the nineties I was in a band which got signed to Sony after playing just ten gigs. At that point I'd never flown in a plane or gone much further than the concrete confines of East Kilbride where I was born & raised. Next thing I knew I was getting flown out to New Orleans to cut a record.
So, why is it that, unlike my fellow comrades assembled around me in this café, I still desire, nay, demand, a record contract? After all, I can still create my music and release it on a plethora of digitally-based platforms. I don't need the permission of one of the music industry's behemoth labels to be a musician, do I?
We had a couple of unexpected breakthroughs in the UK this week. Despite turning up for a Terry Wogan interview a week early and not getting anywhere near the studio, BBC Radio 2 added my song New Age to their playlist.
Piers Morgan has said that he blames Amy Winehouse's record label for the singer's untimely death.