02/07/2013 10:10 BST

Matthew Syed Lambasts Roman Abramovich (VIDEO)

Ten years on since Roman Abramovich bought Chelsea, Sky Sports News fancied a debate on how football has changed in the decade since the Russian's helicopter landed. On hand were Times writers Matthew Syed and Tony Cascarino, which is like pitting Jeremy Paxman against an evasive MP.

"He's been a huge success, for me, the Premiership," opines Cascarino - in the abridged version - unwittingly playing devil's advocate.

Cue Sayed.

"One has to look at how he amassed his wealth. His QC admitted in open court that he had secured his money in a rigged privatisation," Syed explained.

"That's stolen money. Certainly fraudulently got... It has been a deeply corrosive influence on British football."

The discussion goes on for around seven minutes and whenever Cascarino does respond it is caveat-ridden. Syed is mercifully diplomatic to his broadsheet colleague.