Roman Abramovich

Club's move has been praised by a charity working to stop anti-Semitism.
He's now the world's richest Israeli.
Hard-nosed business and the emotive world of football come together.
Not everyone in football is complaining about the pernicious influence of big business on the beautiful game. Fans of Chelsea
Several rivals are stronger and the battle for the top four is more competitive than ever. Chelsea may not be looking at something as dire as a another 10th place finish, but a serious challenge to defend the title or even a Champions League berth is now far from a sure thing.
Conte is a man who gets to the point. When his squad under-performs, they know about it afterwards. It is an approach that can alienate as much as it can motivate.
High Court of Justice via Wikimedia Commons In the American TV drama, Breaking Bad, the venal attorney, Saul Goodman, offers
Business leaders! Want to know what the general public think of you? Thanks to Google, you can. Simply type in your own name
The last despairing days of Boris Berezovsky's life have been recalled before an inquest, which heard the Russian oligarch