08/07/2013 09:29 BST

Celebrity Couples Who Got Together On-Set... And Stayed Together

File photo dated 02/06/13 of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt arriving for the world premiere of World War Z, as Jolie made her first public appearance since she revealed she had undergone a double mastectomy, as she and Brad Pitt walked the red carpet together.

Long hours on set for months on end, screen smooches and steamy sex scenes... it's not surprising so many on-screen romances spark off-camera chemistry. What is perhaps more surprising is when those intense passionate affairs turn into steady long-term relationships involving marriage and children (how frightfully un-Hollywood). Particularly given that most of the parties involved go on to put themselves in similarly intense situations with similarly hot co-stars.

These A-list couples fell in love on-set and turned their on-screen love story into a real-life happy-ever-after (at time of going to press). Which couples do you think will last the distance?