Jennifer Garner

New films starring Jennifer Garner and Eric Andre are debuting this month, as well as a new teen comedy from Amy Poehler.
"How much do I love that guy? I know, a lot," Garner said of her frequent co-star.
The star shut down speculation that she's expecting baby number four after a confusing Halloween post on Instagram.
"I’ve been just like, pregnant, nursing, pregnant, nursing, pregnant, nursing."
'Thank you for all the the fun we have together, for hugging me until I almost burst.'
The actress’ Instagram post clearly resonated with her fellow parents.
The actor previously claimed the colorful phoenix was “fake for a movie.”
The actress stopped by “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” to finally address her viral moment.
The actress was a good sport about the night’s most viral moment.
The world wants to know what came over her.
The “Alias” star is coming back to the small screen.
As parents it can often feel like you’re constantly saying “no” to your children, so Jennifer Garner is trying something
“This, today, is a celebration of survival,” Beyoncé told a crowd gathered at St. John’s Church in the city.
In a candid post on his Facebook page Tuesday, Ben Affleck revealed that he recently completed treatment for alcohol addiction
Jennifer Garner believes among the masses of bedtime stories in the world, there is one that shouldn't be forgotten. Garner
When Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck announced they were getting a divorce in June 2015, it was a shock. But the couple, who