03/07/2013 16:35 BST | Updated 04/07/2013 05:12 BST

Egypt's President Morsi Ousted In Military Coup, Sparking Wild Celebrations

Egypt's President Mohamed Morsi has been ousted from power by the army, sparking scenes of wild celebration around the country.

Fresh elections will now be held, after Morsi was told he was no longer head of state.

The army presented a roadmap for reconciliation, calling for temporary suspension of the constitution and the institution of a technocrat government.

  • Protesters aim lasers at Helicopters over government buildings

Huge crowds, of supporters of the president and opponents of his regime, had gathered throughout the country.

Protesters gathered in Cairo

The general who removed Morsi had been appointed defence minister by the President just six months ago.

An aide to Morsi said he had been removed to an undisclosed location, the AP News Agency reported.

It follows the passing of an army-imposed deadline, which expired at 3pm UK time, for Morsi to solve the crisis.