04/07/2013 06:02 BST Headset: Literal 'Thinking Cap' Claims To Make You Smarter By Firing Electricity Into Your Brain

Fancy gaining a competitive edge at gaming by firing electricity into your brain using an 'trendily' named and expensive headset based on highly unproven science?

Then this is for you...

This is the, a headset that promises to "overclock your brain using transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (tDCS) to increase the plasticity of your brain" all for just £160.

Would you try one?

This, apparently, means your synapses will fire faster increasing your reaction times turning you into a gaming behemoth.

It can even be controlled via your phone.

The thing is tDCS a relatively new area of neuroscience and research has tended to focus on people suffering from stroke.

As for healthy brains, it has been demonstrated to have a positive effect on the "plasticity" of the brain but much more research is needed.

Additionally, clinical trials generally experiment with around 10 minute bursts, not seven-hour marathon gaming sessions.

And it is certainly not to be used by anyone with epilepsy or pre-disposition to any kind of seizure.

So try one by all means. It may work but don't overdo it. Or complain if you fry your brain. No that you'd be able to talk...