Giant Flemish Rabbit Named Bonnie Abducted (PICTURE)

Have You Seen This Rabbit? Bunny Burglar Sought By Police

A bunny burglar is being sought by police in Oregon, after a giant Flemish rabbit was stolen from her outdoor hutch.

Bonnie, who tips the scales at 19lbs and is blind, was taken from her Portland residence last Thursday.

The rabbit is apparently especially popular with children in her neighbourhood and occasionally wears a blue hoodie, though police have stressed she was not wearing it at the time of her abduction.

Blind Bonnie was not wearing her hoodie at the time of her abduction, police have stressed

Owner Kezia Steinkamp told KPHO she had been paid a visit earlier in the week by an animal rights activist who advised her to keep Bonnie in the house, but is it unclear if the incident is related to her disappearance.

Steinkamp says Bonnie cannot be kept in the home as she can't be housetrained.

She is in touch with the Oregon Humane Society and will accept the rabbit from anyone who brings Bonnie to the shelter, no questions asked, the Albany Tribune reports.

The theft of a companion animal is a felony under Oregon law, OregonLive points out.

If you have seen Bonnie, email


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