Tried-and-Tasted: Supermarket Best Brand Cookies

Tried-and-Tasted: Supermarket Best Brand Cookies

Budget, mid-range and high end supermarkets went head-to-head against a high-end luxury food retailer in our inaugural tried-and-tested supermarket product test to find out which shop offered the best tasting office staple: chocolate chip cookies.

A crack team of semi-professional biscuit tasters from the Huffington Post UK desks charged their milk glasses, topped up their tea and set out to find the crème de la crème of supermarket top-end cookie offerings.

Did ultra chocolate-covered win over a plain traditional choc chip cookie and could the cheapest brand stand up against a luxury supplier? Find out which supermarket took the cookie crown below.

Fifth: Aldi Momento Chocolate Chunk Cookies, 200g 0.69

Tried-and-Tasted Cookies