Am I Depressed? How To Spot The Symptoms

Am I Depressed?

If you have experienced a persistent sad, low, anxious or empty mood in the last two weeks, and have some of the other warning signs, then you may be depressed, advises mental health charity Students Against Depression.

Counselling psychologist Denise Meyer, who is project manager for the organisation, says: "Only a doctor or other healthcare professional can officially diagnose depression. If you are at all concerned it would be best to seek professional advice.

"If you have found yourself considering acting on thoughts of death or suicide, even if you have not experienced any of the other warning signs, then it is very important to take appropriate action at once. Tell someone else and get help.”

First, ask yourself these two questions:

1. During the last month, have you often been bothered by feeling down, depressed or hopeless?

2. During the last month, have you often been bothered by having little interest or pleasure in doing things?

Is your answer to both is yes, then think back over the last couple of weeks and record how often you have experienced any of the other warning signs of depression:

• Lethargy or decreased energy

• Irregular sleep or a change in your sleep pattern

• Appetite or weight changes

• Increased tearfulness

• Restlessness

• Poor concentration and difficulty making decisions

• Hopelessness and pessimism

• Feelings of helplessness

• Feelings of worthlessness or guilt

• Thoughts of death or suicide

For more details on this list. go to

It is likely that depression is affecting you if you have experienced:

• a persistently sad, low, anxious or empty mood, plus

• at least 4 more of the warning signs, on most days over the last two weeks.

At you will find self-help strategies, advice for healthier routines and a workbook to kick-start a campaign against depression in your own life.

Useful websites and helplines:

Samaritans, open 24 hours a day, on 08457 90 90 90

Mind, open Monday to Friday, 9am-6pm on 0300 123 3393

Students Against Depression, a website by students, for students.

HopeLine runs a confidential advice helpline if you are a young person at risk of suicide or are worried about a young person at risk of suicide. Mon-Fri 10-5pm and 7pm-10pm. Weekends 2pm-5pm on 0800 068 41 41

Mental Wealth UK To join the community or launch a student group contact the charity on


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