08/07/2013 04:31 BST | Updated 06/09/2013 06:12 BST

GTA 5: Playable Grand Theft Auto 5 - And Maybe Half Life 3 - At Gamescom 2013?

GTA 5 might finally be about to make its window-smashing, car-jacking, shotgun-wielding appearance in the real world.

Oh, and Half Life 3 might be coming too...

Rumours on Monday suggest that the next Grand Theft Auto title, set for release on 17 September for Xbox 360 and PS3, will be playable at the Gamescom conference in Cologne.

Gamescom takes place at the end of August, and is traditionally the last international event where major releases are showcased before the Autumn-Christmas sales push. Microsoft is said to be planning a major news conference, and Sony, Ubisoft and EA will all be in attendance with their current- and next-gen big hitters.

It would make sense for Rockstar to show off GTA 5 at the show, since the game's release will be less than a month away.

And according to a rumour published by Pixel Enemy, both Take-Two Interactive (publishers of GTA) and also Valve (Steam, Half-Life, Left4Dead) are listed as exhibitors.

Obviously it is unclear and unconfirmed both if those companies will be in attendance - and if they are, that either title will be present or playable.

In the case of Half Life 3 this is particularly unlikely, since the game has not even been announced let alone previewed in a playable build. It's more likely that Valve would be showing off another title, discussing Steam or giving details of its rumoured 'Steam Box' TV-console project.

But here's hoping that the conference will have a few surprises.

Gamescom starts on 22 August, and HuffPost will be there to get hands-on time with all the best games that are available - whatever they turn out to be.