Lady Gaga Shuts Down Her Twitter Ahead Of 'ARTPOP' Album Release

Why Has Lady Gaga Shut Down Her Twitter?

It's been VERY quiet on the Lady Gaga front recently after she was forced to take some time out to recover from hip surgery earlier this year, but she has sparked speculation over her big comeback after 'deleting' her Twitter account.

The singer sent fans into meltdown, believing it could signal she is about to launch the campaign for her third album 'ARTPOP', which the singer previously teased would be out this year.

Gaga is now simply an egg on the social networking site, having removed her profile picture, and her bio reads: "This interface has been shutdown temporarily. Please check back for updates.”

She has also deleted all of her tweets sent since 6th February - just before she was forced to cancel her Born This Way Ball tour due to her hip injury, which later required surgery.

Meanwhile, the singer has filed court papers in a bid to stop 'sensitive' and 'personal' information about her life being made public, fearing that they could ruin her.

Former collaborator Wendy Starland and ex-boyfriend Rob Fusari went to court back in 2010 over who discovered the singer, and now Gaga is said to be desperate to stop the details of the case emerging.

According to TMZ she believes the informations could inflict 'professional harm'.

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