09/07/2013 09:01 BST | Updated 09/07/2013 11:09 BST

Oral Sex On ET Doll And Nazi Heil Hitler Salutes Shock German Audience (NSFW)


A German performance artist has caused considerable controversy by simulating oral sex on a Hitler-worshipping, swastika-wearing ET sex doll while wearing a mask emblazoned with the Iron Cross.

The bizarre drama started only a little tamer as Jonathan Meese burst onto stage using a skipping rope made of sausages while making Nazi salutes and shouting "dictatorship of art!".

Just to ensure the completely shocked audience - many of whom walked out - felt totally unsettled he then called them "human flesh clones" and "slaves to democracy".

nazi theatre

Billy Elliot it ain't

After the epically long 165-minute show had ended most onlookers had left.

In a superb example of understatement one critic said: "He didn't get the audience on his side."

Meese's performance at the Nationaltheater Mannheim is likely to fall foul of Germany's strict anti-Nazi laws as an earlier show had already resulted in the threat of a £1000 fine if the behaviour continued.

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