10/07/2013 11:35 BST | Updated 10/07/2013 15:17 BST

'Sorkinisms: Part Two' Showcases More Of Aaron Sorkin's Recycled Ideas (VIDEO)

Whether you love Aaron Sorkin's writing or can't abide it, we think you'll appreciate this video.

It's the follow-up to Kevin Porter's Sorkinisms, which used clips from Sorkin-penned TV shows and films such as 'The West Wing', 'Sports Night', 'The Social Network' and more to show how, marvellous as they are, some of this fine screenwriter's ideas are often recycled. And often more than once.

Since that first supercut came out, there's been 'The Newsroom', of course. And thus, ladies and gentlemen, Mr Porter has waded through even more hours of footage to give you: 'Sorkinisms II: The Disappointing Sequel'.

(Via Tastefully Offensive)