The Social Network

They were found to have violated the site’s rules around promoting hate and violence.
Facebook's CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg has admitted in a rare Q&A that he found the film 'The Social Network' 'hurtful
Word of Fincher directing Gone Girl was doing the rounds since January of last year, but it was confirmed only when Ben Affleck was officially chosen in July for the lead role of Nick Dunne.
Like so many others in America, Partovi's story is that of an immigrant. However, long before his family emigrated from native Iran, he was hooked onto computers, much like Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg in their formative years.
Whether you love Aaron Sorkin's writing or can't abide it, we think you'll appreciate this video. It's the follow-up to Kevin
David Fincher, one of Hollywood's most respected directing talents, celebrates his 50th birthday today. David Fincher can
If you call yourself an Aaron Sorkin fan, you're going to love this 'Sorkinisms' supercut. Unfortunately, you may also hate
It may be time for Aaron Sorkin to reach for his pen again. In a scene that could have come straight from the pages of his
My brother, Stijn and I could have never imagined that the music of our Belgian Indie choir would be used in a trailer of a real Hollywood movie.