After Ed Miliband's PMQs Attack, Here Are 10 Millionaires Who Give Money To The Tories

10 Millionaires Who Give Money To The Tories

Unite boss Len McCluskey has become a very familiar figure to many of us over the last few days, thanks to Prime Minister David Cameron's tireless publicity efforts.

Cameron has been keen to point at Labour about the influence of McCluskey and the Unite trade union, which is the party's biggest donor after it donated over £750,000 over the first few months of 2013.

Although Cameron happily cracks jokes in the Commons about Labour MPs being "paid to shout by Unite", he isn't so keen to answer questions about the rather well-heeled people who pay the Conservative Party's bills.

A study by the Bureau for Investigative Journalism (BIJ) in February 2011 found that the Tories received half of their funding in 2010 from bankers and financiers in the City of London.

We here at HuffPost thought it would be worth taking you through ten multi-millionaire backers - and former backers - of the Conservative Party...

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