Fat, Sick And Nearly Dead: Joe Cross Drinks Juice Diet To Lose Weight And Get Healthy (VIDEO, PICTURES)

Once upon a time Joe Cross was 100 pounds overweight, loaded with steroids and suffering from autoimmune disease. Now he's slimmer, healthier and an award-winning film-maker.

Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead aired on Channel 5 on Wednesday night, following Joe as he ditched junk food for plant-based juice as part of a 60-day diet.

Told that his life was at risk and with doctors and conventional medicines unable to help in the long term, Joe knew things needed to change. So he sought out expert advice help him design his own diet plan that would allow the body to self heal.

Find out more about Joe's story in the video above

But is fasting for so long on juice made from fruit and vegetables advisable? We spoke to health expert and HuffPost UK blogger Sam Feltham to find out more.

"Fasting as a treatment for overcoming health issues has been around for along time, from Muslim's Ramadan to the obese Scotsman who fasted for 382 days losing 276 pounds back in 1965," he said. "The question one must ask themselves is, 'is it appropriate for my situation?'

"In the case of Joe Cross it was appropriate with his debilitating autoimmune disease. However is it a long term for solution for Joe? Probably not."

Joe Cross

He added: "The advantages of an approach like this to weight loss and health fast results, but it's important to develop long term healthy eating habits.

"As long as people know that fasting is a quick fix and that you will need to work on creating your healthy diet afterwards, then I have no problem with someone doing it (under medical supervision) for a set period of time."