11/07/2013 14:34 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Get The Look: Duchess Kate's Hair

The Duchess of Cambridge and her glossy long locks have been admired the world over, but the secret behind her royal look lies in the blow dry.

We asked the man behind Duchess Kate's perfect curls, Richard Ward, for his top tips on how to style hair after washing. Take a look below for his step-by-step guide on the Chelsea blow dry.

1. The foundation is essential, so ensure you thoroughly cleanse and condition with the right products for your hair type. Use the flats of your fingers (the spongy pads) not your fingertips or nails, which is more beneficial for scalp and blood flow stimulation. Rinse your hair for two minutes - time yourself. This will ensure any product residue is removed and your hair will shine if rinsed really well.

2. Towel dry - as much as possible, but be gentle. Apply one light styling product whatever suits your hair type. Never apply more than one so address your main concern and apply in the right place! Root boosting products need to be evenly spritzed on the first two inches of roots only, whereas serum or mousse should be evenly distributed through mid-lengths and ends.

3. Invest in a salon hair dryer. They are much more powerful than normal dryers and will complete the job in half the time. Ensure the nozzle is on and each section is the width and length of the brush you are using. Start at the back. Part the hair vertically down from the crown to the nape, working in small sections, left and then right. Treat from ear to ear to front as the other half and work horizontally up the head to the top. Treat the fringe area as a section on its own.

4. Use a round bristle brush. If straightening use a large barrel as they create good tension, or for curling go for a smaller barrel. Hold the dryer in the direction of the brush and at least five inches away from the hair.

5. Don't wiggle the brush around too much - keep it in synch with the dryer and smooth downward to get a straight result. Curl section up onto the brush and hold dryer underneath section for a curly result. Once the section is finished it should feel springy, shiny and cool. If it doesn't repeat until it does. The test is it should fall off the brush easily.

6. Then apply one finishing product only and be sparing! You don't need to overload the hair if you've blow-dried it correctly.

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