11/07/2013 15:46 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Grace Coddinton Talks Vogue, Technophobia, Memoirs &Amp; The Alexander Wang Agenda

Our Grace and saviour Ms Coddington is the, much-talked about, much-loved red-head with something to say. As creative director of US Vogue her all-encompassing wit and fashion-wonder is globally renowned, as is her cameo/ show stealing appearance in The September Issue. After last month's publication of her memoirs and Huffington Post Style's exclusive interview, we've got the low down on this stylish icon.


In her interview with the site she voiced her desire to take fashion back to beautiful clothes and fabric rather than it being all about FROW celeb sightings.

On Alexander Wang being named creative director at Balenciaga, Grace said the following: "I'm sure Alexander Wang will do really well. He's very well-liked". She went on to say "Don't think of it as a replacement for Nicolas, because it isn't. Alexander has a whole different agenda. He's a very confident young man, he's cute-looking, girls love him, he's an "It" person and he makes very affordable clothes. " Well if Wang gets Grace's vote then he gets ours too!

Whilst Grace is all up in her own fashion groove, there is another certain someone who comes to mind at the mention of Grace Coddington. Yep, you guessed it here's her fashion wifey Anna Wintour in action: