'Stair-Rover', The Eight-Wheeled Skateboard, Hits Kickstarter (VIDEO)

WATCH: Eight-Wheeled Skateboard Claims To Be Ultimate Urban Commute

Urban skateboarding is never as cool as it sounds - at least to look at. While you imagine yourself as Bart Simpson, traversing cement gaps and rolling over glass-and-steel walkways, the reality is usually more awkward. Curbs get in the way. Commuters walk out at odd angles across rocky paths and gravel.

And then there are stairs. Oh, the stairs.

Well one new Kickstarter project aims to solve the latter at least, by launching the Stair Rover, an eight wheeled board which can potentially roll down stairs with no interruption to your concrete surfing experience.

Developed in the UK, its makers are looking for £50,000 to make their dream a commercial reality:

"Stair-Rover's unique eight-wheeled mechanism makes the board equally at home cruising smooth pavements or gliding down steps. From the curb outside your house to a double flight of stairs, the Stair-Rover scuttles over obstacles with ease.

Every city is a playground. And Stair-Rover is designed to help you discover the full potential of yours. On flat ground, Stair-Rover is the equal of any traditional longboard. But when the surface gets rough - cobblestones or uneven paving, for example - the chassis goes to work. It reduces impact and keeps you moving."

The board's "crab-like scuttle" down stairs is certainly an improvement on getting off and walking, and opens up a world of new tricks.

It remains to be seen whether this will be more than a curiosity - but if you're keen their Kickstarter is up and running with more than £20,000 in donations so far.

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