Lindsay Lohan's Top 10 Worst Moves: From Arrests To Rehab Via Crap Tats And Dodgy Film Roles (PICS, VIDEO)

Look up the word 'drama' in the dictionary and you'll find a pic of Lindsay Lohan staring back at you (maybe). Yep, it's fair to say that there's never a dull moment in the world of Li-lo.

From arrests (so many we've lost count) and stints in rehab (same) to questionable film roles and photo shoots, Lindsay's managed to squeeze rather a lot into her 27 short years on the planet.

Yet despite the drama that surrounds her every move, we still can't help but like the gal. She's spunky, and we like that. We just wish she'd use her loaf a bit more so this top 10 doesn't end becoming a top 20...

Lindsay Lohan's Top 10 Worst Moves

Lindsay Lohan's Top 10 Worst Moves

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