Imogen Thomas Has A Pop At Kerry Katona Over Her Bankruptcy On Twitter And Calls Her 'Cringey'. Yes, You Did Read That Correctly.

'Kerry Katona's Cringey'

I do love it when a Z-lister takes to Twitter to slate a fellow celeb in the hope of drumming up a bit of controv, and this week it's the turn of Imogen Thomas who has decided to have a pop at Kerry Katona.

Imogen, it seems, has not only taken exception to Kerry's inability to manage her finances after declaring herself bankrupt for the second time, but has also described Kerry's topless photoshoot with her fiance George Kay in this week's new! magazine as - wait for it - 'cringey'.

*spits frappuccino out over computer screen*

Imogen Thomas

Yes, Imogen Thomas, the lady who can't even play a game of tennis without 'accidently' revealing her backside in a vain attempt to recreate that iconic tennis girl photo (she failed) just described Kerry Katona as 'cringey'.

Imogen love, let us introduce you to our kettle and while you're calling it black, let us take a look at your tweets in full.

Well, at least she admits to having no talent.

Kerry has yet to respond to Imogen's Twitter rant

We have a feeling our Kerreh will have rather a lot to say about all of this. Over to you, Ms. Katona (and if you want to see the photoshoot that has got Imogen's knickers in a twist, step this way...)


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