Shocked Drinkers React To Waitresses Wearing Only Body Paint - Is It Nudity Or Clothes? (VIDEO, NSFW)

You may think the 'is she nude or isn't she' is answered by a definitive fact - either the person is wearing clothes or they aren't, but shaking things up is Red Neck Heaven in Lewisville, Texas.

At the establishment, waitresses wear nothing but body paint - which is classed as clothes in the city. Following a complaint, the council is now re-evaluating its policy on what constitutes nudity. In the video, outraged Texans have voiced their concerns.

Body art experts have said that it's a fraught issue, with people either seeing it as art or not. The question is whether body art is nudity, and if it is, then this is a bar that is stuck in the dark age of Hooters, where it's alright for topless women to serve drinks to men.

Elsewhere in the States, model Cheyenne Lutek embraced New York's partial nudity laws and was snapped around Manhattan, with pictures of herself posing with policemen, as seen in The Daily Mail.

What do you think? Does body paint constitute as clothes, and do these women look like they are wearing clothes?