Body Image

And what parents can do to encourage a healthy relationship with their body and food.
If any of these sound familiar, you're certainly not alone. Here's what therapists recommend.
"I was an ocean away from anyone who’d made fun of my body ... so I tried to psych myself up for this new adventure."
Two-thirds of parents believe their children are under more pressure than ever before. Here, a psychologist offers advice on how parents can support their kids.
Not everyone fancies a 'perfect body', so where does all this pressure come from?
The singer said her three children find the criticisms “confusing".
The Nope star’s comments come amid fans’ praise over her postpartum figure.
Maura Jackson appeared on Channel 4's Naked Education to discuss menopause. Little did she know it would open up crucial dialogue with her eldest grandchild.
"My three-year-old old daughter is really into her dolls at the moment and I try hard to give her a diverse and body-inclusive mix of Barbies."