New Dinosaur Nicknamed 'Big Nose, Horn Face' Found In Utah Desert

You'll Never Guess What Scientists Nicknamed This Dinosaur

Scientists have found a new type of unusual dinosaur - with an even more unusual name.

Nasutoceratops titusi, which was discovered in 2006 in the Utah desert, has been re-revealed to the world.

Despite its grand sounding official name it literally translates into: big-nose, horn-face.

At a sizeable 15ft long, old big-nose was thought to have been a veggie, according to the Proceedings of the Royal Society B which made an announcement on Wednesday.

Nasutoceratops titusi is all its glory

According to the BBC "the beast is a member of the triceratops family, but with a huge nose and exceptionally long horns, palaeontologists say it is unlike anything they have seen before."

Dr Mark Loewen, from the University of Utah and Natural History Museum of Utah, told BBC News: "This dinosaur just completely blew us away.

It takes years to research and reconstruct the fossilised bones which are thought to be about 75 million years old.

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