Now That Gay Marriage Is Legal, Is It Time To Change The Definition Of Marriage?

With the happy news that gay marriage has been legalised, we're wondering whether the Oxford, Collins and Websters dictionaries need to move with the times and change the definition of what marriage is. That is, folks, not a union between a man and a woman but between two human beings.

An anonymous group of artists in San Francisco printed stickers with a more modern definition of marriage: “the formal union of two people by which they become partners for life”, and then pasted them into dictionaries around the city. Jezebel said: "Welcome to reality, friend."

Gay marriage is now legal in England and Wales after the government's Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill was granted Royal Assent on Wednesday afternoon. Couple will be able to get married from around the summer of 2014.

This brilliant video sums it up far better than our clunky words, so take a look and be moved.