17/07/2013 07:52 BST | Updated 16/09/2013 06:12 BST

'The Killing' Star Joel Kinnaman Reveals Why He Got 'Robocop' Role, And The Thrill Of Martin Scorsese Championing 'Easy Money'

Joel Kinnaman is an easy man to get hold of – just a phone call to his home in Sweden, where’s he’s enjoying the summer with his family – but this is bound to change.

Joel Kinnaman was on the hunt for a lead role, and he found one

The affable Swede, already a familiar face for his role in the US version of ‘The Killing’, has been cherry-picked to be the new face of the $100million Robocop reboot, an opportunity he’s suitably circumspect about…

“I wanted to get a lead role, because I know that’s the only way to navigate the system, to work with the directors I respect the most, to help finance the projects I care about.

“So it was great to get the job, initially. And then the actors worked through the script, and I realised it was political and very intelligent. AND we had the chance to change our dialogue, make it better. That was very unusual.”

Why did he get the much-desired gig? “No idea,” he says modestly, but when pressed, “It was pretty intense, audition-wise. I had to see them three times. So maybe they just gave it to the guy still standing up.”

Joel Kinnaman, here in 'Easy Money', is committed to the US 'The Killing', despite his burgeoning big screen career

But first, there’s 'Easy Money' – a gangland thriller made four years ago by Kinnaman and his friends, recently championed by no less a luminary than Martin Scorsese, hence this week’s international release, including in the UK.

“We were like giddy little schoolboys when we heard he liked it,” reports Kinnaman. “It’s a great honour.”

Kinnaman plays JW – “neither white nor black, but like most of us living in the grey” is how he puts it.

“The film was a real work of love, a group of friends working together. I wouldn’t normally be able to talk about something I did four years ago, but this one was different.”

"Not black or white, but in the grey" is how Kinnaman describes his character JW

While Kinnaman’s big screen star starts to shine brightly, he remains committed to ‘The Killing’, now in its third season.

“I didn’t even know it was a remake,” he admits, much to the horror of Nordic Noir fans everywhere, “But my parents were really surprised.

“After three years together, we’re leaving the Danish show behind. I really feel we’re coming into our own now.”

As is Kinnaman, by the sounds of things.

'Easy Money' is in UK cinemas from Friday 19 July. Watch the trailer below...