Martin Scorsese

The Thor actor has starred in eight Marvel films since 2011 and is still miffed that his heroes, including Francis Ford Coppola, have openly dismissed the genre.
You may never look the same way at the Taxi Driver scene ever again after the famed director dished on it.
The Killers Of The Flower Moon director has some concerns about movie-goers, whom he described as "raucous" at screenings.
The actor stars opposite Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert De Niro in the crime-drama film.
Joe Russo, who co-directed the two highest-grossing Avengers films, took to Instagram to take on Scorsese over his past comments about Marvel.
Martin Scorsese’s crucial change to his epic new film makes the story more honest.
In a movie match-up almost as unlikely as Barbie and Oppenheimer, The Eras Tour took on Killers Of The Flower Moon in cinemas.
The three-and-a-half hour epic stars his long-time collaborators Robert De Niro and Leonardo DiCaprio.
The director cast both his longtime collaborators in Killers Of The Flower Moon, only for their acting approaches to palpably clash.