18/07/2013 14:46 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

1990s Fashion: Spice Girls, Hip-Hop And Clueless

1990s style - which recently had a revival on the A/W 2011-12 catwalks - was particularly notable for the grunge look, which Marc Jacobs showed on the Perry Ellis catwalk in 1992. 1990s grunge included flannel shirts, thermals, layered looks, skullcaps and Doc Martens, influenced by the rocker aesthetic of bands like Nirvana and Pearl Jam.

It was a period that embraced the dressed-down style sensibility. While blazers and long jackets still prevailed, it was the decade of denim and dungarees teamed with trainers like Keds or Converse.

Clothing styles in the 1990s were heavily influenced by popular culture; the hip-hop movement helped contribute to the baggy and bright clothes (with obligatory high-tops) that teenagers sported, while films like Clueless promoted designer schoolgirl style (babydoll dresses, tartan skirts, thigh-high stockings, Mary Jane shoes, penny loafers and slip dresses).

The 'Girl Power' movement promoted by bands like the Spice Girls also influenced 1990s style, with Geri Halliwell's Union Jack dress from the 1997 BRIT Awards symbolising Cool Britannia and becoming one of the most imitated and iconic dresses of the decade. Jennifer Aniston's hairstyle as Friends character Rachel Green, left many women trapsing to hairdressers asking for the ultra-layered, blunt 'Rachel' cut. Sex and the City, which debuted in 1998, also influenced 1990s style with its emphasis on designer dressing and key accessories such as nameplate necklaces, Manolo Blahnik shoes and It bags.

By Brogan Driscoll & Jen Barton