The Apprentice: Dr Leah Totton Asked To ‘Remove Look Of Horror From Viewers' Faces' Following Her Win


Thousands of viewers have called into the BBC asking for cosmetic surgery help as a result of watching the final of 'The Apprentice'.

Many watchers of last night's show were left with a look of horror on their faces, after Lord Alan Sugar gave the £250k business partnership to Dr Leah Totton - who will now open a chain of cosmetic surgery clinics.

Doctor Leah's right-leaning head was visible throughout the series -

but has since been corrected by cosmetic surgeons

There are also reports that some viewers' jaws fell to the floor when Totton was announced as the winner - although these incidents are believed to be fewer, as no one was really surprised that Lord Sugar went for the idea that would make him the most money.

However, the greatest number of 'Apprentice' fans now seeking help are believed to be suffering from 'shaking heads', 'shrugged shoulders' and 'looks of resignation'.

"The last thing we need is more people injecting things into women's faces because they don't think they're beautiful enough as they are," one sufferer told HuffPost UK Comedy. "This really is a disappointing result for 'The Apprentice'. Let's hope they give the next series a facelift."

Is Doctor Leah angry, confused, happy or excited about the news? We've no idea.

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