18/07/2013 14:49 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

From PPQ To The Playboy Club: Party Hopping At London Fashion Week

London Fashion Week is two parts show, one part parties - and MyDaily's Celebrity Writer Ellen Stewart is at all of them. Over the weekend she talked boyfriends with Jamelia, pregnancy with Rochelle from The Saturdays and quizzed Vince Kidd about Jessie J

I'm currently prepping for another night on the tiles with fashion's most fabulous. I've just hopped out the shower, slapped on a facemask and spent the last half hour wondering where I put my party feet when I rolled in the front door at 2.30am this morning.

party hopping

I've already danced on the roof of the FABULOUS Radio ME Hotel with Laura Whitmore, Jo Wood, Kate Nash and Vince Kidd from The Voice – excuse me while I pick up those names – hit the trendiest warehouse party courtesy of Rihanna for River Island and sipped on enough champagne to put me off bubbly for life. I can't quite believe I'm doing it all over again this evening for the Dominic Jones after party at uber cool Soho haunt The Box. Rumour has it Harry Styles will be there. I may try out my best chat up lines on him.

On Friday night (that's when this, my latest assignment, started) I found myself starring blankly into my wardrobe thinking, "What the flip am I gonna wear? I have NO clothes." Obviously, I have loads of clothes, I just hate them all after wearing them twice. Unfortunately my drawers aren't bursting with Chanel, Peter Pilotto or even French Connection so when it comes to dressing for swanky sleb events I oft find myself weeping into my usually favourite Topshop dress.

party hopping london fashion week

Anyhow, after I managed to dress myself I trotted off to the ME Hotel - AKA my new favourite place - for pre-PPQ-after-party cocktails.

Upon arrival - and after witnessing an awkward 'don't you know who I am?' moment in the lobby - a delish Tanqueray cocktail was thrust into my hand by a gorgeous waiter *swoon*.

Making my way through the rooftop bar and trying not to stand too close to any Amazonian-type models (I'm 4ft 2") I stumbled upon MTV presenter and all-round style-icon-and-top-Irish-lass Laura Whitmore. "I'm so tired," she exclaimed, while refreshing the Twitter feed on her iPad. "I've been biking around on the back of a moped all day from one place to the next. There's no way I'll make it to the after-party."

party hopping london fashion week

Next, I spotted Jo Wood and Kate Nash boogying in the corner and I SO didn't have either of them down as dancing types. Shimmying my way over to their general area I was suddenly caught aghast by the sight of The Voice's Vince Kidd (who shall now be known as my new BFF). He told me he hadn't seen his Voice mentor Jessie J in a while because she's been so busy, but they still message each other on the regs. Next thing I knew my phone beeped, "Your taxi has arrived." What? Already? I dashed to the exit and on to the next party.

party hopping london fashion week

When I got to the Playboy Club 20 minutes later, the shindig was already in full swing. No sooner was I through the door than VV Brown took to the stage and had everyone up and dancing in no time. On my way to the loo I spotted a familiar face, it was Jamelia! She'd been on the friend to her "sort of boyfriend", told me he lived really far away and she was missing him. Bless her stylish cotton socks. After she disappeared to the dance floor with her Stylist friend Mason, I surreally found myself sipping another Tanqueray with Ben Duncan from Big Brother 2010 fame. All things considered, this felt like the right moment to scoot off home.

The next night saw Rihanna for River Island take Fashion Week by storm. After queuing for a good 40 minutes at the door and witnessing two certain celebrities attempt to queue jump only to be sent to the back of the line, I was inside the Old Sorting Office ready for some Riri action. Keeping a beady eye on the FRow I spotted Laura Whitmore (she's EVERYWHERE), singer Delilah and Rochelle from The Saturdays. "I'm too big to wear any of Rihanna's collection at the moment," she said pointing at her growing baby bum, "but I might have to stock up for when I'm not pregnant!"

party hopping london fashion week

It seemed everyone was a fan of RiRi's line. "I loved all of it," said Rosie Fortescue from Made In Chelsea as she took a break from dancing with fellow MIC castmates Ollie Proudlock and Francesca Hull. Sadly Rihanna didn't reappear after taking to the runway for the obligatory designer bow *sigh*, but I did spot model of the moment Cara Delevingne surrounded by a swarming group of fans/friends/entourage. Exciting.

Anyway, I've got another party to go to, so that's it from me for now. But wherever the celebs are during LFW, is where you'll find me and I've never been one to keep gossip to myself. Until tomorrow...