Google Nexus 7 Leak: Video And Pictures Of Asus' Next Tablet

Stop us if you've heard this before - but the new Google Nexus 7 has apparently been leaked.

Video and pictures of an updated version of Google's Asus-built tablet have appeared on various websites, just as the search giant sent out invites to an event on 24 July to discuss Android, Chrome - and maybe new devices.

But while we've seen hints of the Nexus 7 II before, it's starting to stack up.

Engadget posted documents from US office supplies retailer Office Max that said they will be taking delivery of the tablets next week. Android Central upped the stakes by reporting the supposed price - $229 for the 16GB and $269 for the 32GB.

The device lacks the nice textured back of the original, and the Nexus logo is horizontal, but otherwise it looks like a pretty solid leak to us.

The hardware isn't all that different, but it comes with two cameras, dual speakers, 4GB of RAM (which is huge) and probably an all-new version of Android 4.3,

Take a look at the video above.