WATCH: Helen Flanagan The Popstar? Former 'Corrie' Star Unveils Debut Music Video (NSFW, Natch)

Ok, so this is weird. Helen Flanagan has made a music video.

In the so-bad-it's-bad clip Hels does her very best Natalie Imbruglia impression (wide-eyed sideways stares, pouting... you get my drift) whilst smuggling peanuts down her nightie. Well, something needs to distract us from the song.

Ah yes, the song. Assuming it is actually her singing, Hels does her very best to convince us that she's dead serious about this music lark. We know this because the song features real instruments. There's guitars and everything. The video itself also holds some additional clues:

1. She's sat in front of a piano

2. She's 'aving a fag

3. She's drinking Chardonnay OUT OF THE BOTTLE

4. She's got smudgy, smokey eyes

5. She's biting her lip

6. She's got lippy on her teeth

7. She's wearing a 'rock' t-shirt (available at your nearest New Look)

8. She's parading around her back garden in see-through pants

9. She looks a bit, well, cuckoo

Yep, Lana del Ray's job is safe but honestly, my senses haven't felt this violated since Tara Palmer Tomkinson unleashed her debut single, something I'm still having counselling about to this day.

Anyway, if you're brave enough to take a look for yourself, then you'll be pleased to know that our friends at Vice Magazine are hosting the video on their Noisey music channel. Just don't say I didn't warn you.

Helen Flanagan

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