18/07/2013 18:50 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

How To Survive Awards Season

Who'll be sitting through the Golden Globes on Sunday night and every other awards ceremony this season? Just to be clear, we don't mean tuning in for the first five minutes to catch a glimpse of what Anne Hathaway is wearing. Oh no. We're talking one big TV marathon that continues through the night and into the early hours.

As we'll be doing the same thing here in the MyDaily office, we've compiled a guide on how to survive this year's awards season, from dress-spotting on the red carpet to enduring the acceptance speeches (there are 24 Academy Awards categories, FYI). Here's a few things to bear in mind when you're watching from your sofa...

how to survive awards season

1. If you're going all A-list and drinking champagne, stick to under two glasses in the first hour. Sounds obvious, but this is the optimum amount to get you through the arrivals, without getting completely smashed and eventually falling asleep.

2. If you're on dry January (or sensible enough to remember you've got work the next day), a similar rule applies. Overdo the Diet Coke and you'll have to face the caffeine crash mid-way through the Best Actor's speech or even worse, you'll be buzzing come bedtime.

3. Stock up on snacks. You're depriving yourself from sleep so you may as well eat something fun. Start the night with sliders or pizza slices and keep the popcorn supplies coming.

4. If you're not dressing up in your favourite red-carpet-worthy gown (why not channel Angelina and go for a leg-flash?), then wear comfy clothes. There's nothing more annoying than wearing something that doesn't let you lounge.

5. Be prepared for ad breaks. These are actually a blessing in disguise and provide the perfect opportunity to stretch your legs, make a drink and eat more popcorn.

6. Keep tuned in on twitter. You're staying up to watch the live show, you might as well join in the conversation too.

7. Start a game. Score the red carpet style out of 10, organise a sweepstake for the longest speech or play Tina Fey and Amy Poehler's drinking game (in which case, ignore rule 1).

8. Don't be tempted to turn your sofa into a bed. Waking up surrounded by popcorn and empty champagne glasses is a seriously harsh post-awards comedown.

9. Rope in a fellow awards season addict to stay up with you. "OMG what was she thinking?" moments need a partner to be truly relished.

10. Don't make big plans for the next day - you won't be feeling peachy.

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