Aspiring Glamour Model Josie Cunningham To Receive Botox On NHS, The Internet Reacts

Josie Cunningham, the aspiring glamour model who had a breast enlargement surgery on the NHS back in January, is due to have Botox injections... on the NHS.

According to The Sun, the 23-year-old sought the injections in July last year to treat her hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating).

Josie will have injections in her armpits, top lip and forehead as many as four times a year and treatments will cost up to £350 each session. And... 4 x £350 = £1400

The single mother-of-two is far from the internet's favourite person and this update seems to have merely stoked the fire. So far she's been labelled a "disgrace", "ridiculous" and "vile".

We are sure there are people who sympathise with Josie's situation, we're just... err... yet to find them.

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If you haven't crossed paths with Josie yet, here's a summary of her last year:

  • July 2012 - seeks help from GP for hyperhidrosis, which began when her second son was born
  • January 2013 - has breast enlargement surgery, costing the taxpayer £4,800
  • March 2013 - poses topless for The Sun
  • July 2013 - says that breast enlargement (36DD) is 'too big' and seeks reduction... on the NHS
  • July 2013 - it is announced that Josie will receive Botox injections confirmed
Josie Cunningham

Josie Cunningham