18/07/2013 18:49 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

This Week You Should Try... Raw Fairies Mini B Cleanse

Snow days and New Year's resolutions – not the Kylie and Jason of combos really. Personally, I spent those cold, cold January blizzards foraging for the post-Christmas Celebrations tossed aside at the time ("Bountys?" we cried. "Ewww, filthy muck, pass a mini Snickers!") and clutching a hot water bottle. The result? Dull skin, lifeless hair, peeling nails and midriff chub. Sigh.

In situations like these, you have to take control swiftly, and I chose to do this with Raw Fairies Mini B Cleanse – a five-day program of juices, vegetables, nuts, supplements and smoothies. The company delivers everything you need in the morning and then basically all you have to do is staying away from Starbucks.


Here's the good and the bad of the Mini B Cleanse...

The good
- The immediacy of the results - by the end of day one, my skin was glowing.
- My nails have stopped snapping and peeling for the first time in two years.
- I've lost three pounds.
- I've had IBS forever and it seems to have disappeared.
- It's easy to do. Raw Fairies give you all of the information and food you need, including a handy daily inspiration note.
- It has helped me kick a serious caffeine addiction (previously an unthinkable feat).
- My stomach is flat and my sleep better.
- The food and juices are wonderful.

The bad
- Terrible headaches for the first two days while my body got used to the lack of caffeine and sugar.
- Inevitably, hunger. On the third day of the cleanse, I was so light-headed, I couldn't work out which day of the week it was and got lost on Oxford Street.
- It's anti-social. Cancel all plans while you're doing this – watching friends drink mojitos is no fun.

The verdict
Worth it. Sticking to the plan can be hard – I cheated and carried around a bag of Brazil nuts for when I got spaced out – but overall, the wrongs of January have been righted in less than a week. Need a quick fix for failed New Year resolutions? This is for you.

Raw Fairies Mini B Cleanse costs £295 for five days. Visit