Shield Your Eyes: Germans Revealed As The Nation Most Likely To Sunbathe Nude

We're used to engaging the Germans in a silent war over sun loungers and beach towels, but one battle they are welcome to win is the title for 'nation most likely to sunbathe nude'.

A poll by has revealed the nation to be most likely to whip off their clothes for an all-over tan, with 17% of Germans indulging in the practice. The nation has won top place for the second year running in the 'Flip Flop Report'.

No doubt this will make the German Free Body Culture Movement (FKK) happy - they have been reporting a decline in nudism over the years.

We Brits are unsurprisingly more prudish - only 11% of us feel confident enough to bare all, and in comparison to 40% of Danish women who have no problem going topless, only one-third of British women are alright with it.

When it comes to swimwear, the Germans also (unsurprisingly) opt for the teeniest of swimwear - 'banana hammocks' aka Speedos, with 39% sporting briefs on the beach.

With regards to other holiday practices, nearly half of French holidaymakers wax before hitting the beach.