'iOS 7 Redesigns' Tumblr Shows Us What Apple's Next Mobile OS Really Looks Like (PICTURES)

This Is What Apple's Next Mobile OS REALLY Looks Like
iOS 7 Redesigns

The next version of Apple's mobile operating system, iOS 7, has generated plenty of conversation since it debuted last month - and not all of it positive. Some designers think it looks like a stunning, simplified refresh - others think it's a garish rehash of the same old ideas.

In truth, we won't known for sure until the autumn, when iOS 7 is released for real. While the developer preview is already out, it's changing all the time and we're fairly sure Apple is holding some surprises back.

And then there are the apps - not Apple's, but those by every other developer who have to update their software to comply with the new OS guidelines. Since most of us use third-party apps more than Apple's own official software, it's likely that yhour experience of iOS 7 will depend on their good work more than it does the engineers at Cupertino.

WIth that in mind, one Tumblr user has taken it upon themselves to show what iOS 7 will really look , Jacob Reed, like, by building simplified screenshots of popular apps with the new design language. It's an interesting insight into iOS 7 - and while the final apps might look a bit different to these images, it's a pretty good guide as to why you'll want to upgrade, or not, once it's out.

Take a look below.


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