Rhino Skin Kevlar Backpack Could Save Your Life In A War Zone

There probably isn't much scope for one in Britain but if you're going travelling to or already live in a war zone then this could be worth a look.

The Rhino Skin backpack is made of bulletproof kevlar and has special side-flaps and a hood to protect your important bits in the event some form of horrific violence.

Its creator, Hilas Raam, is Israeli so you can imagine the kind of thing it is designed to protect against, or in her words "a world where terror attacks are part of our daily routine".

Its not a bad looking bag either

Israel has a sophisticated early warning and anti-rocket defence system but it still sometimes only offers around a 15 second alert leaving many people unable to get to a building for cover.

So if the worst does happen and you find yourself caught short in the open during an attack, the Rhino Skin backpack is designed to offer protection to your head and vital organs.

What about your legs? They'll have to take their chances I'm afraid...