Sony 3D Surgeon Headset, HMM-3000MT, Should Make Procedures More Accurate


It's not just gaming and entertainment that is going to benefit from 3D heads-up displays - they might also help save your life one day.

Sony have re-jigged their HMZ-T2 headset so it can be used by surgeons as they gaze into your innards.

This has the benefit of eliminating the need for them to keep checking a screen as the image is right in front of them, improving accuracy.

The headset is only currently to be released in Japan

The headset, called the HMM-3000MT, uses 720p 0.7-inch OLED screens to provide a high-resolution 3D image.

Where it differs from its gaming relation is it has been adapted to be more comfortable in a standing position.

Multiple viewers can also share what they are seeing so different surgeons can get the perspective of their colleagues if needs be.

Laparoscopic surgery, procedures that use an endoscope, is increasingly common as it minimises the incision needed.

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