EDL Supporter Shows Off Tattoo Of Mosque Being Blown Up At Birmingham Rally (PICTURES)

EDL Supporter Shows Off Tattoo Of Mosque Being Blown Up (PICTURE)

A man attending an English Defence League (EDL) rally has been pictured lifting his shirt to show off a tattoo of a mosque being blown up.

The provocative image, taken at the weekend, has been circulating on social networking websites and has sparked outrage, with many commenters demanding the man be named and shamed.

An EDL supporter shows off his tattoo of a mosque being blown up

Police made 20 arrests at the rally in Birmingham city centre, which was met with a counter-protest led by Unite Against Facism.

Violence flared when EDL members grabbed a Muslim man’s skull cap, set fire to it and urinated on it, The Sun reported.

Bottles, cans and other missiles were hurled at police and officers wearing riot gear accompanied by dogs were deployed to quell an attempt to break through police lines into a building site.

20 arrests were made at the rally, which took part in Birmingham city centre

A police spokesman said: "Some disorder was seen at both events during the course of the demonstrations.

"A small number of protesters and police officers sustained injuries - with one police officer taken to hospital having suffered a head injury.

"He was this evening discharged having received treatment.

"Around 20 arrests were made in total, with supporters of both events being detained for public order offences."

EDL march in Birmingham

EDL March Birmingham


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