Wedding Tattoos - Cool Or Crass? (PICTURES)

Wedding Tattoos - Cool Or Crass? (PICTURES)

Wedding tattoos have even the gushiest romantic raising a quizzical eyebrow - after all, if death isn't the thing that parts you, you're then stuck with a very permanent reminder of love gone wrong. Still, who are we to be cynics? The latest statistics on divorce in the UK revealed that actually, it has dropped by 2%.

And - before you wag your finger and say that the rate of marriage is decreasing, it isn't. Apparently we're in a wedding boom, with the rate of marriage increasing at the fastest rate for a decade. (How people are affording these weddings is another question altogether...)

So - wedding tattoos - a very good or very bad idea?

We're not averse to tattoos on HuffPost UK Lifestyle, but even we're not sure we'd go as far as LeAnn Rimes who tattooed her wedding vows on her ribcage. Ouch!

Take a look at the gallery from by Shannon Larratt, the founder of BME and tell us what you think...

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