Royal Baby George Of Cambridge Domain Names Snapped Up By Opportunistic Cyber-Squatters

Over 178 domain names relating to the Royal Baby have been snapped up by 'cyber-squatters' hoping to cash in on the new arrival.

Some claimants have shown remarkable prescience, being nabbed even before the name George Alexander Louis of Cambridge was announced on Wednesday night.

Www.princegeorgecambridge was registered on Monday while was taken as far back as last month.

Not the Royal Baby

Many of the websites are for sale according to domain name registrars can be had for the bargain price of £391.

Sally Tomkotowicz, Customer Acquisition Manager for, said: "The announcement of the Royal baby‘s name caused an absolute gold rush of people registering domain names associated with the future King.

"We've not seen cybersquatting on this scale since the announcement of the new Pope in March."

Surprisingly, there were a few domain names left that the cyber-squatters had not yet registered, for example

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